Ipswich Research InstituteThe Ipswich Research Institute – founded and located in the heart of Ipswich in South East Queensland and in walking distance to Ipswich General and Saint Andrew’s Private Hospitals is an independent provider of research opportunities, scientific work, national and international trials.

Our highly motivated and qualified team of Doctors, Nurses, Diabetes Educators and Admin officers is able to handle different types of research projects from simple audits to International Cardiovascular Outcome trials. Whether you are looking for scientific work or clinical trials to be done at a high level and to complete satisfaction or any kind of support for your own research project – the Ipswich Research Institute is your ideal partner.

We believe that people in the Ipswich area deserve access to Medical Research, new developments and medications and to national and international research projects.

The Ipswich Research Institute – if it is about research and scientific work.


Suite 5D, 10 Churchill Street, Ipswich 4305 QLD Australia
Phone: +61-7-3281 8726
Fax:     +61-7-3282 7036
Email: IpswichResearch@gmail.com